The HOAM Community Managers is committed towards creating harmonious living spaces by serving as a valued management partner. A combination of professional administration, conscientious supervision of contracts and cost management helps us to secure and enhance the value of assets. Established in 2018, we currently manage a portfolio of 3,000 units across 16 communities, and oversee all technical, environmental, security, financial, administrative and customer service tasks.

We are committed to:

  • Enhancing property value
  • preserving common property
  • Achieving energy efficiency
  • Ensuring transparency and integrity
  • Ensure a comfortable and luxurious standard of living
  • Becoming a trusted brand
The purpose of community rules

The purpose of community rules  is to provide a distinctive real estate product that meets the criteria of quality and excellence and satisfies the desire and requirements of owners and residents and provides the maximum luxury and development that any landlord or resident seeks, and these rules also help to create a calm, safe, attractive, and healthy environment for the residents, and their family , And their children and guests in the complex, without prejudice to the use of joint ownership and the use of the advantages and facilities of the complex and enjoy them while protecting the privacy rights and enjoyment of the owners and other residents and their guests. These rights will preserve the property values and the values of the complex and will work to promote and protect them, and these rules will be enforceable and enforced by the joint ownership and will be applied uniformly according to the notice of enforcement and the applicable fines for the violation.

The basis of the binding force of the community rules

The rules of the community derive its mandatory power
from the laws of the Emiri Decree No. 8 of 2008 regarding the regulation of
joint ownership in real estate projects and investment buildings, which authorizes
the Landlords Union to create rules for the community and that every landlord
or tenant on a real estate unit is obligated to comply with and abide by the
duties and obligations imposed by the provisions of this complex and in the
event of violation Sign a fine.


a) Observance with the community rules of owners and Occupants

The duties and obligations imposed by these Community Rules on an Owner and Occupier of a land / Unit shall be observed not only by every Owner and Occupier but also by their tenants, employees, agents, contractors, guests, invitees, lessees, licensees, and any other visitors. In addition to the duties and obligations imposed by these Community Rules, shall observe and are equally bound by any duties and obligations imposed by a higher authority, including:

  1. The Managing company (Hoam community management) and any rules and regulations imposed by this authority in accordance with the Master Community Declaration and any other requirements of the Managing company
  2. The Building Management Statement and any rules, restrictions, regulations imposed by the Building Management Group / Principal
  3. any and all other Relevant Authorities; and
  4. The applicable Laws of the Emirate of Ajman.

B) Observance of Community Rules by Non-Owners and Occupiers

  1. An Owner or Occupier of a plot / unit shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that their tenants, employees, agents, contractors, guests, invitees, lessees, licensees, and any other visitors comply with these Community Rules and do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with any person’s use and enjoyment of another unit or the Common property or the master community common area and their respective assets.
  2. The Owner or Occupier of a plot/ unit shall be liable to compensate the Master developer and I or the Owners Association / developer through the Association Manager (Managing Company) in respect of all damages to the Common property and I or the Master